We can manage large estates, manicured yards, gardens, barns, recreational elements, vehicles, and ATV’s. And we can step into any role within the household and get the job done no matter what. And we have detailed plans for housekeeping and maintenance. 

Property Maintenance

As mechanically inclined professional property managers, we are proficient at proactively maintaining major mechanical systems: plumbing, heating, electrical, safety and security elements, pool and spa equipment, stone and wood floors, appliances, interior and exterior painting, snowmelt equipment, landscape installation, and maintenance. We also have experience servicing cars, motorcycles, lawn equipment, and snowplows.


We are a hard-working housekeeping team with experience providing comprehensive housekeeping services at families’ primary residences and vacation homes. Our carefully inspected cleaning is a top to bottom, section by section, room-by-room — daily, weekly, and monthly task-focused system. We make a conscious effort to foster long-term relationships with superiors and subordinates alike. We do this via a collaborative management style to ensure expectations are clearly defined, and standards of performance are mutually agreed upon.

Vendor and Contractor Management

Our thoughtful approach to building relationships provides a network of trusted colleagues whom we rely on to give recommendations when vetting any new vendors. Through diligent oversight, we ensure safety, security, and appropriate pricing; we control costs and ensure on-time completion.

Tailored Solutions

Through observation, inquiry, careful listening, and recordkeeping, we learn the intricacies of the principles’ lifestyle goals to deliver thoughtful, discreet, and unobtrusive solutions. Through observation, inquiry, careful listening, and recordkeeping, we learn the intricacies of the principles’ lifestyle goals to deliver thoughtful, discreet, and unobtrusive solutions. Whether the task is updating an estate management manual, optimizing housekeeping and maintenance schedules, or overseeing projects, we carefully craft innovative solutions tailored to the principals’ needs and desires. “Begin with the end in mind” is the lens through which we approach each task. Once the desired outcome is defined, we determine the most cost-effective, practical approach and share it with all parties concerned. Collaborative problem solving is the bedrock of our management style.

Guest Services

With over 20-years of guest services in our background, we have honed our skills and developed a philosophy that provides superior experiences. Our ability to authentically connect with our guests allows us to understand their needs, preferences, and expectations to anticipate and deliver unparalleled service in a respectful, friendly, professional, and compassionate way.

Travel Arrangements

As avid world travelers, we are passionate about travel, culture, and unique global experiences. We have the expertise to research, plan, and book everything from family holidays to romantic getaways or bespoke experiences.

Animal Care

We are impassioned animal lovers skilled at providing exceptional care for household pets and ranch animals. We gained valuable experience working on two different sheep ranches and an organic vegetable farm. We have also cared for alpacas, llamas, chickens, and turkeys. Our expertise includes turn-in & turn-out, feeding, watering, mucking and resetting stalls, identifying health issues, administering basic first-aid and treatments, delivering newborns, assisting with sheering, inspecting, organizing, and drying tack, barn maintenance (i.e., cleaning ceiling and exhaust fans, pest mitigation), checking stalls for safety hazards and making repairs, pasture maintenance ( i.e., rotational grazing, invasive species mitigation, irrigation), fence-mending (wood, metal, and electrical), and supporting veterinarians. And we have experience with vegetable crop production, such as planting and watering, harvesting, pest management, and selling at farmers’ markets.

Staff Management

Sean and Liz have managed teams individually and together. Those teams included employees, contractors, volunteers, seasonal hires, and remote workers. They have a lead from the front style and measure success when the group achieves a goal, not just an individual. They excel in training, scheduling, day-to-day management and coaching, and performance reviews.


We are confident working with livestock, ensuring they are fed and well cared for, and are comfortable with machinery and equipment operation, repair, and maintenance tasks to include fixing fences.


Neither of us is a professionally trained Chef, and we do not have formal culinary education, but we are naturally talented in the kitchen and are always willing to learn more. Liz has 10-years of experience, and Sean has 3-years of experience in the restaurant industry, primarily serving but occasionally in the kitchen. Our specialty is “family” cooking, and we are skilled at grocery shopping, organizing and maintaining an inventory of the pantry, keeping a spotless and sanitary kitchen, doing formal table setting and serving, and are happy to travel. Sean works in support of Liz, who leads the team in the kitchen. Liz can customize menus to meet dietary needs, prepare healthy family meals, holiday dinners, and small dinner parties.