A domestic management couple devoted to your lifestyle goals

Sean and Liz Gavin are devoted, meticulous, and have a passion for excellence, always striving to provide service with compassion, empathy, and a sense of humor. Their diverse backgrounds and worldly travels provide them a contextual framework for making reasoned decisions and providing insightful solutions.

By anticipating needs, tackling the little details, providing direct, timely service and answers, we give you back the luxury of time to enjoy more of the things you love.

Our skill sets are quite varied and flexible, where they crossover we seamlessly support each other. We know when the best approach is to divide and conquer or work together.

As property managers and luxury-level hospitality and concierge professionals, we genuinely enjoy supporting principals in fulfilling their lifestyle goals and deliver thoughtful, discreet, and unobtrusive solutions.

We hold advanced degrees and certifications but our real strength is that we are willing to learn and continually adjust to a principal’s needs.

When not working you’ll find us helping animals and being active in the out of doors.